Monday, January 26, 2009

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wrathmachine said...

Industrial Machine & Fabrication Shop
Machine Shop Specializing in: Custom and Volume part-runs; with emphasis on Precision, Production and Affordable Pricing. Garanteed to meet or exceed Customer Specifications.
Also Welding and Prototype Fabrication Capabilities available.
Owner---- David Witter
TEL. & FAX same: 931-592-8022
Servicio Completo en Espanol Disponible.

Classon Industrial Services said...

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Georgia, Alabama,or Florida.

Classon Industrial Services, LLC.
354 Burson Road
Camilla, GA. 31730

Office: (229)336-0900
Fax: (229)336-0903
*Visit our website at*

Classon Industrial Services said...

Classon Industrial Services, LLC

354 Burson Road

Camilla, Georgia 31730

Office: 229-336-0900

Fax: 229-336-0903

"Small Town Welding Shop now employ's Robotics"
This new industrial equipment fabrication and welding shop is equipped with computer controlled robotic machinery. These (state of the art) machines are necessary in order to be competitive with foreign suppliers. These new machines have greatly improved production efficiency and CIS's ability to produce new products.* THIS IS HOW WE DO IT ! *


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ said...

Sourcing made-to-order components or precision parts? Looking for competitive bids that won't break the bank? Go to and submit your RFQ free-of-charge!

Precision Machining Services

Machined Metal Parts

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Great River Machine Works said...
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Great River Machine Works said...

Prototype Machine Shop in Minnesota | MN Prototype Machine Shop

Great River Machine Works is a small, customer-oriented prototype machine shop and welding fabricator. We specialize in CNC milling, small turned parts, MIG welding, TIG welding, and rapid prototyping. We offer prototypes and short run machining (up to approximately 1,000 part runs), with quick turn around. Give us a call for all of your machine shop needs!

Great River Machine Works
7600 W 27th St, Suite 200
Saint Louis Park, MN 55426

Phone 952 303 6486

Visit our website at

View our blog at Blog

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Custom Machining said...

Industrial Jig & Fixture would be happy to review and fill out an RFQ on any machined parts. We specialize in low volume orders and custom machining.